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About Vijaya Raghavan

Vijaya Raghavan has been a part of the technology industry in India for the last 25 years. He was part of the initial teams at Texas Instruments and IBM India and has worked on CAD systems for VLSI Engineering and on applications for Windows, OS/2 and Unix. In a management capacity, he has built and led engineering teams working on object-relational systems, text search, e-commerce systems, network security and various other Internet applications. He is the co-author of an engineering patent in network analysis. His corporate career apart, he has been an entrepreneur in Internet retail in which he successfully built and ran an online book-store for some time. He now consults on new technologies and as an out-sourced CTO to corporations that require advice in the acquisition and management of new capabilities.

Startup challenges

Fact: Most entrepreneurs are driven by the passion to fulfil a dream and the companies they launch are the vehicles by which they hope to achieve them. These entrepreneurs often have the technological wherewithal to execute on their vision and … Continue reading

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Education and Technology

Given the rapid and phenomenal advances in technology – especially in communications and media – one’s natural expectation would be that the field of education would gratefully grasp these advances and make rapid strides to improving how education is imagined … Continue reading

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The Outsourcing Mantra

I have always wondered if the word ‘outsourcing’ was invented to legitimise the  industry that we have created around it.  Often times, words have this power to mesmerise and to allure and to portray what isn’t. And words have this … Continue reading

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Advertising in the age of Facebook

We still have newspapers in India today although it is a dying breed in the several parts of the world where on-line news consumed through mobile devices has become the preferred way to update oneself of developments in the world.  … Continue reading

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