The more things change….

Its true. The more things change the more they remain the same. In technology and everywhere….

Take setting up a website for example. In the early nineties, most websites were static and were set up to create a ‘web presence’ for a business (mostly) or an individual. The static pages took time to create because the HTML had to be handcrafted and had to cater to the many differences between browsers.  Today, a slew of tools allow you to set up the static pages very quickly and browser differences have all but been eliminated, to the extent that you could actually set up a simple website in a few hours. So things have changed, haven’t they?

Sure. but who is satisfied by a simple website today? You need content management for a blog or for that catalogue that is carried on the website. You need personalization and you need analytics to understand who is coming to your website and what they do there. You need web forms to take user input and you need the ubiquitous ‘like’ button to help advertise your pages on social media. Finally if you wish to monetize your website, you want to embed affiliate marketing tags that will earn you the ‘click’ dollars for directing traffic to your partner’s site. So that is a lot of stuff and it will take time to put it all up.

So setting up a website takes as much time and has as much complexity (relatively speaking) as it  had before. Just when you thought that you had conquered the problem, it just got bigger!

And so it is in real life.

The distance from Bangalore to Hosur is about 40 kms. In 1983, it took about 1 hour to travel that distance on an undivided (narrow) highway. Today, it still takes about an hour to travel that distance although we now have a broader multi-lane, and divided, highway. The increase in traffic through the years simply offset the speed gains of the better road and new settlements along the highway have increased the congestion along it.

Some things just do not change!

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