Hello, World!

Whoever thought of the “hello, world!” phrase as a way to introduce something new, may not have imagined how wildly it would catch on and how wonderfully popular it would become. And when you sit back and reflect on it, you realize that there is much going for the phrase because it eloquently captures the thought and idea of “something new!”

It is hard to think of businesses the same way because you can always come back and say, “what’s in a name?”.  But personally, I think there is some connection. Take Google, for example. The name seems so appropriate (in retrospect) and in keeping with what the company stands for and conjures up a million ideas. Apple is another company that springs to mind that affects you the same way. Now take Infosys or TCS – do these names strike the same chord within you? These are business names, very appropriate no doubt, but lack the dazzle of imagination, and I have to humbly submit, do not shatter the panes of reality. They are quite simply businesses – enormously successful in their own way, but distinctly different from the Apples and the Googles of the world. Now, clearly, Apple and Google are not successful companies simply because of their names. But I would like to think that the minds that came up with these names have an ingenuity that created their successes and the names themselves, as a product of those minds, propel and infuse a special brand of success.

I write this post as an introduction to this blog. I wish this to be a place for musing on business, technology and the business of technology. I will try to cover the commonplace as well as the unusual. It will be unique because it will be a personal view of what is happening in this world we live in. I hope this blog will be a way to reach people far and wide who have an opinion on these same subjects.

So, I hope you will enjoy the posts that follow. And, of course, “hello, world!”.



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2 Responses to Hello, World!

  1. Saji Varghese says:

    Great thinking. A brilliant start of a good idea.

  2. sabu says:

    Thank you Saji…

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