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StraightForward is a special name.  Many people have told us that it is an unusual name for a business. There is a good reason why we chose it. The name, quite simply and very concisely communicates a sentiment that is hard to express in a world that is filled with hyperbole and exaggerated self advertisement. StraightForward means without deceit and that is what we want to be irrespective of the nature of the transactions we have with customers, employees and others whose lives we touch.

We are a consulting company that helps other businesses understand and deploy the right technologies for their needs. We advise on the management of sales and marketing that will help transform and grow businesses and increase revenues. We believe our combined experience in this sphere of activity can help make a difference.

This blog is a random collection of thoughts on business and technology, some serious and others philosophical. We hope the collection is entertaining and insightful to read. We hope that you participate by sending us your comments on these thoughts.


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